Thanks everyone!

It was a lot of fun while it lasted

Unfortunately I'm unable to continue maintaining The site has aged quite a bit and due to security issues I'm forced to either spend a lot of time (that I do not have) getting it solid or to take it down. We're currently expecting baby #3 this spring (just in time for trout season) so the time just isn't there.

I'm very happy to have had it while it lasted - I met a number of excellent people through it with whom we shared many adventures. To those I didn't get to meet, it was lots of fun reading all about your adventures - thank you all.

If you're interested in taking over the site / domain please contact me @ info at infinity cyberworks dot com

If you just want to say "Howdy!" and catch up, please contact me @ george at infinity cyberworks dot com

So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish,


March 5th, 2015